Beansprout Academy is owned and operated by Katie Mauk.

Katie has almost two decades of daycare experience as a teacher, director and running a family daycare center. She also has a BA in marketing and management from the Art Institute of Charlotte.

Hello, my name is Ms Katie and I am the owner of Beansprout Academy. I am originally from Ohio and studied Early Childhood Education at Bowling Green State University. I graduated with a Bachelors’s degree in Fashion Merchandise and Marketing from the Art Institute of Charlotte. I have over ten years of experience in childcare and have worked as part owner and director of a center and as a teacher with all ages. I believe partnerships between families and the academy are essential to the growth and development of the individual child. We strive to create and promote these strong partnerships with families and create a sense of community. Beansprout Academy recognizes the importance of play in the learning process for young children. Play is the basis for learning in our programs. We aim to provide a full, stimulating, developmentally appropriate environment which encompasses the many learning styles of young children. The environment allows for children to develop and master skills at their own pace.