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Voted Fort Mill’s #1 Child Development Center

Welcome to Beansprout Academy, where learning grows to new heights!! Beansprout Academy is a preschool and daycare center that provides organic based and natural meals for your child. We believe that in order for your “Sprout” to grow to their full potential both developmentally and physically, they need a variety of high quality, nutritious food.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a healthy, happy environment for your child to flourish and grow with confidence and ease! We believe that healthy eating habits should start early to prepare your child for a lifetime of success. We provide extra curricular activities at no extra cost so that your child can exercise and release energy in a healthy way!

Enriching Experiences

Beansprout Academy uses High Scope Curriculum and programs geared toward kindergarten readiness as well as providing enriching experiences for your child. Your child will enjoy and learn from various activities and experiences such as music and movement, art experiences, extra curricular activities, interactive science and math, and even yoga practice! We believe toddlers and young children learn best from their experiences. That is why we make sure they are exposed to many different mediums so they can discover their world, create new ideas and express themselves. These activities focus on development of your child’s social, sensory, and motor skills.

The Curriculum

Our teachers and staff are very passionate about your child’s safety and learning experience. We know that each child develops at a different rate so the Little Sprouts’ teachers and staff will work with your to ascertain which class will fit the needs of your child best. Beansprout Academy is comprised of 8 classes:

BEANSPROUTS: From 6 weeks to 6 months
SWEET PEAS: From 6 months to 12 months
PUMPKINS: From 12 months to 18 months
PICKLES: From 18 months to 2 years

SWEET POTATOES: From 2 years to 2 1/2 years
PEPPERS: From 2 1/2 years to 3 years
GREEN BEANS: From 3 years to 4 years
BEANSTALKS: From 4 years to 5 years